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I have been a Patriots season ticket holder long before the Krafts bought the team...and your great players guide will come in handy as they start to become more competitive...I hope Drake Maye is the first of many...
Rich S., Guildford, CT, 04/26/2024
Thanks Peggy - you and Dan produce the best sports publication on earth!
Greg C., Seattle, WA, 04/22/2024
Read the PDF version and it was worth the wait. One of your best draft guides in a long time. Great information and well written. Quality work!
Bernardo E., Miami, FL, 04/19/2024
I look forward to this day every April. Your publication hands down is the best in the business. I wish you would put together a preview for MLB season.
Anthony R., Jacksonville, FL, 04/04/2024
Every year we look forward to receiving the Ourlads draft guide and the Review. We are die-hard Ravens fans and spend a good deal of time pouring over the Ourlads Draft guide and the Ravens draft picks! We think you put out the best Draft Guide around!
Byran D., Shamong, NJ, 03/07/2024
I have had Draft Digest, Frank Coyles, Mel Kipers,and others, but yours is the only one I use anymore. I am 70 years old, and football season is my happy time, and your publication makes it seem like I am part of every teams front office.
Mike H., Grantville, PA, 01/13/2024
I can't tell you how delighted I am to look forward to another year of your fabulous reports. I have been a fanatical NFL fan for 74 years (since the 49ers joined the NFL) and I have not enjoyed any publication relating to the NFL more than yours.
John E., Toronto, Ontario, 12/19/2023
Been ordering your great reviews since 1994. Thanks team. Keep up the good work. Look forward to 2024 with ya'll.
Gary H., Gilmer, TX, 12/16/2023
Thank you for continuing to publish. I always look forward to the scouting publications like a kid on Christmas. I wish you all good health for your reports bring me information I can't get anywhere else. I refer to them all year round. I would feel empty if they were not there. Thank you so much.
James F., Bronx, NY, 12/09/2023
I wanted to express my appreciation for holding the annual mock draft contest. To say I enjoy participating would be an understatement. My husband razzes me about participating because he thinks there are too many variables to predict the outcome. I view it like putting a puzzle together. Bottom line, I have fun and enjoy the challenge. Thank you for the monetary prize, a chance to compete, and putting out a good draft guide. All the best.
Lou B., Painesville, OH, 07/05/2023
As a long-time subscriber, I say "Thank You!" Simply the best and most accurate publication in the business.
Mark Z., New Berlin, WI, 04/10/2023
I've been subscribing for years. Ourlads is terrific and has been since Day 1!
Peter S., Bonita Springs, FL, 03/05/2023
Long time subscriber. Appreciate all your hard work as one of the best draft sites and team sites on the internet!
Scott B., Cave Creek, AZ, 01/20/2023
Your guide is an essential part of my draft preparations. Have been a long-time subscriber back to when it was you, Kiper, and Buchsbaum - keep up the great work!
Scot W., Cashton, WI, 12/21/2022
Thank you so much. All the draft publications I used to subscribe to are all gone except for your guide and review. Without your guide and review (especially the trade transactions) I would be lost in comparing how teams have fared in using the draft.
Jim F., Bronx, NY, 12/16/2022
OurLads is the best and my go-to site since I first came across it 10 years or so ago. I'm really grateful that it's not a for-pay service to see the updated depth charts anymore too, thank you for that. I know the pride that OurLads takes in what you guys do.
Jim D., New York, 08/22/2022
I wanted to thank you and your organization for helping facilitate a common passion and interest my dad and I shared. We both anxiously awaited the delivery of your guide and often would call each other and see if we received it yet! The draft will not be the same without him but I will hopefully remember all the good times we shared over the past 45 years of drafts.
Andrew O., Australia, 06/20/2022
I’ve been a customer for over 30 years now. Way before the Draft has gotten to where it is today. I kind of miss the old days when it wasn’t as GLAMOROUS as the NFL has turned it into but I still LOVE it. It’s a sickness lol. I always love Ourlads the best. Thank you for the years of great work.
Jim P., Lanoka Harbor, NJ, 04/18/2022
Each year I purchase several different publications on the drafts but I think Ourlads is the best by far. I hope you continue to publish it in the future.
John T., Oxford, CT, 04/16/2022
Thank you for this year's issue. I was not aware of Dan's health issues. I just wanted to send you both a quick note to say how much I have always enjoyed Ourlads newsletters, draft guides, website and podcast interviews. One time when I was phoning in my subscription request, I recognized Dan's voice and wound up having a wonderful 10 minute conversation about football, my beloved Buffalo Bills (who had just hired Sean McDermott-and of course Dan knew him when he was just an intern for the Eagles) and the upcoming draft. I will always treasure the time Dan spent talking to me. I will continue to promote Ourlads to all my friends and I wish Dan a full and speedy recovery.
Kevin O., Wells, ME, 04/13/2022
Believe me it's so refreshing to come across someone as straight up as you folks. Take care and God bless!
Gary S., Aiea, HI, 03/01/2022
My dad subscribed for many years. He passed away and now I'm carrying the torch for our family. Thank you - reading your guide together was one of our family moments every year prior and during the draft.
Russell A., Staten Island, NY, 02/28/2022
Who in their right mind would want to miss receiving your wonderful Draft Guide!
Julian G., Atlantic Beach, NY, 02/27/2022
I've been getting your publication since 1990. It's my football fix leading up to the Draft - which I've attended in person 11 times.
Tom T., Plano, TX, 02/27/2022
Your October '21 Draft Preview for the 2022 Draft I've looked at over a hundred times already. I'm starving for more information!
Jim F., Bronx, NY, 02/23/2022
I must confess you made my day when the notice arrived that you will still be doing your draft reports for the 2022 draft. As a fanatical US College & pro football fan for over seventy years I don't know that I have seen a better series of draft reports than those that you have consistently produced. Keep up the great work!
John E., Toronto, Canada, 02/19/2022
I've been purchasing your draft guide for years. So long that I actually do not remember how I first heard about your draft guide. I do very much enjoy it! Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful product!
James B. , Uniontown, OH, 02/17/2022
Lost my early guides when moving,but have every Ourlads' Guide since 1989. I treasure them like gold! I am 73 and my health is not good, so I hope my beloved Bills can finally give us a Super Bowl! Thank you!
Stephen K., Lancaster, NY, 02/17/2022
I have been an Ourlads' subscriber for 23 years! Keep up the GREAT work for us true football fans!!
Scott B., Cave Creek, AZ, 02/14/2022
I can't wait to get my hands on this year's guide, always the best in the business!
Bart C., Alberta, Canada, 04/12/2021
I am a proud and devoted 10-year customer. Looking forward to this year's edition.
Haran K., Sicklerville, NJ, 03/17/2021
I am wearing out that NFL free agent list in the back as players sign here and there...really handy..I really appreciate Ourlads'. Your publication is a truly professional resource.
George, Los Angeles,Ca., 03/17/2021
I’ve been getting your products for over 15 years. Kind of a right of spring, once we get a few warm days it’s time to place my order.
Bernard, Boalsburg,Pa, 03/10/2021
I've been a subscriber since the mid-80's, so how I heard about Ourlads is not only a mystery but probably irrelevant at this point! Looking forward to another exciting "business season" in the NFL and wishing you a wonderful 2021!
Chris B., White Plains, NY, 03/02/2021
I've purchased your draft guide for over a decade and it's still the best year in and year out. Keep up the good work, thanks!
Billy F., North Wales, PA, 02/23/2021
Longtime subscriber. Always a pleasure to read Ourlads' Draft Guide! Thanks for the hard work. Dan is doing a great job on Twitter. Always insightful and on point! Best Regards!
Matthias F., Niedersachsen, Germany, 02/12/2021
I go waaaay back to the early days. I just bought a subscription for my buddy a few minutes ago. We used to read this religiously. He's in Maine, I'm in Florida, but we're both draft nuts. Great job!
James P., Bonita Springs, FL, 01/12/2021
I've been a happy subscriber for years and years...keep up the great work!
Steve R., Norwalk, CT, 12/25/2020
I've been a subscriber for about 20 years. I absolutely love your product and it keeps me the draft guru among my friends! Keep up the great work!
Geoffrey L., Williamston, MI, 11/11/2020
By the way, your product is amazing! I've loved it for years.
John E., Toronto, Ontario, 11/04/2020
Thank you so much for the work you do. Your coverage of the trades before and during the draft are invaluable to me because it's hard to get all the details as the trades happen on the three days of the Draft. I refer to your guides hundreds and hundreds of times throughout the year.
James F., Bronx, NY, 10/30/2020
After over 50 years of following the NFL and especially the NFL Draft, I am choosing to end my period as a "fan" of the NFL because of their choice to protest America. Therefore I will no longer need the draft analysis. Thank you for doing a fine job in evaluating the senior players over the years.
Jerry L., Bedford, TX, 10/30/2020
I am not only impressed by the outstanding products ,scouting and website at Ourlads' but the customer service is second to none. Any major company would be put to shame by the hands on customer service at Ourlads'. Keep up the stellar work on and off the field so to speak.
Edward, Marlton, NJ, 07/23/2020
Long time fan. Love your format and breakdowns.
Steve, Rairdon Lake, WI, 07/10/2020
I might also take this chance to thank you and the Ourlads' team for all the pleasure I have had from the excellent publications over the years.
Ian, Tasmania, Australia, 06/22/2020
Thanks again for the personal service, it’s greatly appreciated! And the guide's quality is second to NONE!
Bart C., Alberta, Canada, 06/03/2020
Thank you for sending me another Draft Guide. I was lost without it. I have been a loyal subscriber since 1991 and I also was a loyal subscriber to you and Dan's small college football preview newspaper. I was very excited when you and Dan became owners of Ourlads'. Keep up with the amazing work
Patrick M, Geneva, IL, 05/03/2020
I monitor your depth charts weekly for pro and college football and I find them to be more accurate than ESPN or Yahoo. Keep up the good work. Your site is a good resource.
TDJ, New York, NY, 05/02/2020
Thank you so much for your draft guide. Most of the publications I used to buy are not in book/magazine form any more. Not great on the computer so I can't thank you enough. I've been following the draft for over 50 years. Keep up the great work and stay in good health.
Jim F., Bronx, NY, 04/20/2020
Huge shoutout to @Ourlads_Shonka . Had an issue with the address for my NFL Draft guide and they went above and beyond to help me. 10th year in a row I've ordered their draft guide, makes the three day weekend that much more fun. Thanks again!
David, Las Vegas,Nev, 04/19/2020
Tremendous job on Draft Guide. Love the pre draft newsletter with the team mock drafts and draft board.
Ray, Elk Grove Village, IL, 04/18/2020
Follow Dan on Twitter. Thanks for the awesome content and tweets. My first order and couldn't be more excited!
Christopher T., St. Charles, IL, 04/17/2020
I used to purchase your guide back in the early 90's. Now Schefter tweet helped me rediscover you!
Rocco, Morris Plains, NJ, 04/15/2020
I've know about your product for over a decade. You guys appear on various sports talk shows both locally and nationally.
Kevin, Solon, OH, 04/13/2020
I hope this finds you well and healthy. I awoke with a start this morning fearing I didn't renew. There is no greater gift I can image today in isolation than receiving your Draft Guide in the mail. Literally Christmas at Easter! : Thanks for your good work and being a ray of sunshine in a gloomy time. Have a great day and holy weekend.
Tim W., Leawood, KS, 04/11/2020
I enjoy all your yearly content, but your draft guide is the best publication and look forward to reading every year.
Pat B., Toronto, Ontario, 04/11/2020
I am a long time Cleveland Brown fan. I discovered your Draft Guide 10 years ago and it changed my life. Thank you so much.
Brian, Cleveland,Oh, 04/08/2020
I've been a long time customer. Really enjoy the Draft Guide.
Joe T, Wheaton, IL, 04/04/2020
I have been ordering from y'all for years.Y'all do a great job!
Curtis, Many, La, 04/03/2020
I subscribe every year. Love the guide and send a few to my friends.
Ed, Stewartstown, PA, 04/03/2020
I’ve been a fan for a very long time now. And now with the virus and being quarantined at home the Ourlads Guide is more important than ever! It literally is going to be the only thing to look forward to in April.
Curt W., Somerdale, NJ, 04/01/2020
Dan and his team are the best! I've been a long time customer and have purchased your draft guides since the early 2000's and like fine wine it gets better with time. Keep up the great work - many thanks!
William F., North Wales, PA, 03/05/2020
Long term client and big fan of Ourlads'. Thank you for the awesome draft content.
Michael B, Senoia,Ga, 02/23/2020
Dan and his team have been doing fantastic for years - I have been a long term customer. Thanks!
William F., North Wales, PA, 02/14/2020
Returning customer. Love the draft books! They are great for watching the draft and great for helping decide what rookies to draft in my dynasty football leagues!
Joseph B., Depew, NY, 01/23/2020
Originally heard about Ourlads on John Murphy's show, One Bills Live in Buffalo. Also I bought this product last year. Exceptionally well done. Thanks for all your hard work.
Paul B., Lancaster, NY, 01/23/2020
Ourlads' NFL Draft Guide, A Draft Tradition.
Don, Montgomery County, PA, 10/24/2019
Have subscribed/purchased your scouting books for several years now, very impressed with your services!
Luke, Sturtevant,Wi, 10/07/2019
In this day and age of substandard customer service Ourlads stands above the crowd helping subscribers find their way. Peggy is a pleasant voice and is helpful in every way. Thank you Ourlads for the best Draft Guide and your customer service.
Allen K, Orlando, FL, 09/29/2019
Ourlads' has the world's best NFL and College depth charts along with being the front runner on all things Draft. 15-year subscriber.
Richard B, Charlotte,NC, 08/17/2019
Thank you for your exceptional level of service and concern for your customers!
Brian B., Dorset, United Kingdom, 06/27/2019
Some feedback from a loyal reader. Please don’t ever change, from your newsletters to your annual Draft Guide, the information you provide is second to none, especially here in Canada!!!
Pat B., Toronto, ON, 04/19/2019
I enjoyed last year’s @Ourlads_Shonka draft guide so I’m doubling up. A ton of content that seemed to stay away from the opinionated dribble that comes from the self appointed draft experts on Twitter. Plus, I’m excited to FINALLY not drool over the Qb section Jets Fan
@BNice80, New York,NY, 04/14/2019
Ourlads has the only draft analysis I trust. Keep up the great work, Dan and company.
Brad R., Cheektowaga, NY, 04/12/2019
Great Publication! I order and enjoy every year. Found online several years ago.
Joseph, Cambridge, Oh, 04/08/2019
Thirty plus year subscriber. Can't live without Ourlads'. My brother and I watch the draft together and study our Guide
Ronald T, Mt Laurel, NJ, 04/08/2019
Once again, thank you for all the work you do to bring sense and information to the annual NFL Draft. I can't imagine going through a Draft weekend without your publication on my desk. I am looking forward to finding this year's edition in my mailbox. Again, stay well and continue to provide your outstanding information for years to come.
Nick C., Philadelphia, PA, 04/08/2019
I have been a Draft hobbyist since 1978 and I found the best Draft publication out there-Ourlads. last year. I'm sick that I missed it for 3 decades. The scouts detail is unmatched. I guess it's better late than never.
Frank, Catawba,Wi, 03/28/2019
It's like Christmas Day - I really love your guide - the best ever!
Jeff F., Cassedaga, NY, 03/26/2019
Long time subscriber. You guys are still the best after all these years. Keep up the fantastic work!
William, North Wales, PA, 03/22/2019
My buddies in Buffalo, NY and I have followed the draft since the late 60s and for 25 years we have subscribed to Ourlads' You guys do a great job!
Jim, Tampa,Fla, 03/19/2019
Absolutely unbelievable how quickly Ourlads updates the free agency depth charts. Your team should be commended.
Peter, British Columbia, Canada, 03/14/2019
My son and I have subscribed for several years and it's a tradition to sit down together and watch the Draft with Ourlads. The Best!
Richard, Lawrence, KS, 03/10/2019
I heard about Ourlads from Norm Hitzges on 1310 KTCK the Ticket in Dallas. He's a fellow draft nerd and he touts your publication with glowing recommendations.
Shawn P., Ponder, TX, 03/08/2019
I have appreciated your work for years. Always top notch!
Michael M., Laverne, TN, 03/07/2019
I've used your guide for many years. It's by far my favorite.
Andy P., Aurora, CO, 03/02/2019
This will be my 20th year subscribing to OURLADS. Was hooked the first time I listened to the Lads on sports radio, many years ago. You have the best resource for any College or NFL fan to have, thanks for all you do!
Scott B., Cave Creek, AZ, 01/19/2019
Dan I find your talent evaluation better than anyone else out there. I have clients in the league who you guys were the only ones to list as having a shot. Will trust you guys till the day I die
Daniel J, From Twitter, 12/29/2018
I can tell how hard you work by your observations and detail. Ourlads is the best!
Alonzo L., Baltimore, MD, 10/31/2018
I've been subscribing for the past 5-6 years, this is the best football information I read all year...thank you.
Pat B., Toronto, Canada, 10/24/2018
Thank you so much for your draft information. Not a day goes by that I don't think of the NFL Draft. Your coverage of trades (in the Review) is vital and deeply appreciated.
James F., Bronx, NY, 10/20/2018
Keep up the good job. The Packers are in need of OLB or DE (no tweeners) that can pass rush. Also an OT with a nasty streak. I want to be the first on my block to get the guide!
Charlie D., Oshkosh, WI, 10/12/2018
Thank you for your response and concern. I love how your company offers such a personal service by the way. So refreshing!
Brian B., United Kingdom, 07/18/2018
Dan Shonka and Ourlads' are clearly the best draft evaluators out there. Nobody had Baker Mayfield and Saquon Barkley as the two top players since August of 2017. Ourlads' had the top grade second round on Dak Prescott when he came out. PFF had him as a free agent. As a 10 year subscriber. I've heard them all and seen all the draft books. Ourlads' has no peer.
Alex, New York, NY, 07/15/2018
I'm really looking forward to reading up on all the teams and all the moves that were made. Love the service and job y'all are doing. Ourlads is the only place I will spend my money to get all my football information. Y'all are doing a hell of a job. Keep up the good work!
Michael M., Green Bay, WI, 07/09/2018
I have been a long time subscriber to Ourlads' and I just wanted to let you know that you guys are the absolute best. I have subscribed to every draft book out there over the years and picked them up off the newsstand. None are close to the pro caliber information you provide. Thank you for your hard work.
Mike, LaVerne,TN, 06/21/2018
Thank you again for another great publication this year. You guys are the gold standard and I have been getting your issues since the early 2000’s when i worked for a radio station in Buffalo and now currently just for my own fun.
Chris, Buffalo,NY, 04/30/2018
My father had a subscription for about 20 years. Sadly, he has passed now, but along with missing him I miss Ourlads.
Kathleen B., Chalfont, PA, 04/23/2018
Thank you for the courtesy of mailing the draft material even though I forgot to enclose the check with my order. That's customer service - a forgotten art. You make the organization look like a paragon of customer service! Check is enclosed this time!
Arthur C., Woodland Hills, CA, 04/17/2018
I really appreciate the follow-up, your service, and Ourlads overall, has been so great over the years. Again I can’t thank you enough for your extra efforts in accommodating us.
Mike V., Avon, OH, 04/14/2018
Dan, You and your team are still hands down the best!
Bill, North Wales, PA, 04/09/2018
I've been getting it for 15 years. It is the best draft guide in the world, there's nothing like it!
Raymond D., Braintree, MA, 04/07/2018
You guys kick butt! Best draft guide bar none!!!!
Paul C., Plant City, FL, 04/06/2018
I used to get Mel Kiper's guide before he quit doing it, but your scouts are much more thorough with their analysis.
David F., Pittsburgh, PA, 04/04/2018
Ourlads' gives me hours of enjoyment. I appreciate all the work. It's the best guide ever!
Mark A., Miami Beach, FL, 03/09/2018
One day I’ll get there and eat at St.Elmo’s along ways away from Calgary! Ourlads has been in my house since 1989! THE BEST draft guide out there and always has been!
Bart C., Calgary, Canada, 02/28/2018
I am enjoying the set up you have for your mock but even more enjoying the rest of the website. You guys do good work.
Ryan, Los Angeles,Ca, 02/25/2018
My father is 93 years young and he just loves your stuff!
Bob S., Grosse Pointe Farms, MI, 02/21/2018
I'm a former Navy Seal and just got out of five months in the hospital. I used to buy several draft guides but yours is the best draft guide I have seen in 25 years!
Daniel K., Mt. Pleasant, PA, 02/21/2018
I ordered your guide for the first time last year and loved it. I was very pleased and especially loved the draft board in the April newsletter!
Martin G., Woodbridge, NJ, 02/15/2018
I want to congratulate you for what I consider the best NFL Draft guide in the market. Really a phenomenal job.
Enrique M., Madrid, Spain, 02/12/2018
You guys do a fabulous job. Keep up the great work!
Brian J., Boynton Beach, FL, 02/12/2018
Where do I begin? Love your draft info. In particular I really like your perspectives/trends in the Review. I must refer to that hundreds of times. Enjoy your opening line telling where the player is from. Also think your draft board insert is the tops. Thank you, thank you so much. Hope all of you enjoy good health so you can do your wonderful work for many years to come.
Jim F., Bronx, NY, 01/16/2018
I have been a long time subscriber, ( 18 years ) and I believe your newsletters, draft book and web site is the best for any fan of the NFL, and now adding the NCAA depth charts has been a fantastic addition to the web site.
Scott, Cave Creek, AZ, 07/19/2017
Just a short note to let you know that I keep the Draft Preview, Draft Guide and Draft Review by my chair when I watch games on Sunday,Monday and Thursday. Nobody describes the NFL talent better than Ourlads"
Mark, New York, NY, 06/22/2017
Shonk, you out did yourself with the 2017 Draft Guide. Tremendous work Tell Peggy she won again. Great work.
John, Dallas,Tx, 05/02/2017
I recently purchased the 2017 Guide to the NFL Draft. First time purchase. It is FANTASTIC, I love it.
Mark, Waunakee, WI, 04/20/2017
I received my Draft package yesterday, and I spent last night going throughout it and enjoying the wonderful information it contains. Apparently, your group has created another masterpiece
Nicholas, Philadelphia, PA, 04/19/2017
I have subscribed for many years now...looking forward to another year of great analysis!
John P., Orchard Park, NY, 03/24/2017
Every time I see the Draft tables, Ourlads' is on there - you're the best!
Craig M., Ft. Myers, FL, 03/17/2017
Repeat customer. Love the guide. Most comprehensive draft periodical around!
Richard F., Ishpeming, MI, 03/08/2017
Long time customer now - love your work! Keep up the good work.
William F., North Wales, PA, 03/06/2017
I live in Canberra, Australia and for around the last fifteen years I’ve developed a passion for following and watching NFL. It is not uncommon for me to get up at 3 am on a Monday morning to watch live games (due to the time difference) much to my wife’s bewilderment. One of my favorite traditions every year is to take time off work to watch the NFL Draft from beginning to end, however, as I’m so removed from college football I rely on publications such as yours for my knowledge of college players. Thank you for your consistently excellent publications.
Grant B., Australia, 02/25/2017
Thank you so much for your service. The NFL Draft has always been my favorite poker game!
James F., Bronx, NY, 01/28/2017
Tom Hepler and Jim Sabo started a good thing - I have received your guide for many years. I really like it and have seen the Ourlads' guide in the Green Bay war room when coverage shows them on Draft day. Keep up the good job!
Charlie D., Oshkosh, WI, 01/27/2017
I took your draft guide to the draft in Chicago and showed it off. Hopefully it will generate some new subscribers!
Michael M., Denver, CO, 10/15/2016
I received the second copy of the Draft Review today. I had already received one so I am returning the one you just sent. That's why I love doing business with you guys because you do things right. Thank you for being true to your customers!
Manuel M., Susanville, CA, 08/19/2016
Great news - the guide came in today's mail. Thanks for the great service.Now I can sit in my yard on Saturday listening to the blues, enjoying a nice cigar, a couple of cold Labatt's Blues, reading Ourlad's and doing my mock draft--!!
Jim S., Ruskin, FL, 04/20/2016
I read 1/3 or so of the guide last night and it's great- always really liked the meat of write-ups but those final few words "the skinny" as I call it, really makes it!!
Steve R., Norwalk, CT, 04/16/2016
You have done an great job on scouting and getting info out, very impressed!!, one of best I have seen in years, have been a Steelers fan since 1972, when Franco Harris got drafted and have been avid fan, of them as well have my insights as well for talent, over years guess hobby and passion . I used to get pro football weekly for years, with Joel Bushbaum , Consolidated draft reports,as well Mel Kiper since he came out with publications, but you have better eye it seems , so compliments,,,
Franco, Toronto, Ontario, 03/19/2016
It just wouldn't be an NFL draft without Ourlads'. The best ever!
Craig, Fort Myers, FL, 03/17/2016
Ourlads' Draft Guide is the most informative NFL draft book than any on the market. You can tell that you guys are real scouts and write like scouts. I'm glad we found your Guide last year, my brother and I will be lifetime subscribers. Thank you Ourlads'.
David, Pittsburgh, PA, 03/17/2016
You guys are absolutely the best, no one else comes close!
Jeff M., San Antonio, TX, 03/16/2016
Long time Ourlads' Subscriber. Two thumbs Up!
William, Winchester, MA, 03/16/2016
I have been a loyal client for years. I could not enjoy my football without Ourlads!
Bob E., La Crescenta, CA, 03/15/2016
Longtime subscriber. As a "draftnik" I appreciate the hard work you put in to produce this "Draft Bible"!
Matthias F., Germany, 03/13/2016
Last year I ordered the Guide to the NFL Draft. I found out it was endless to the information on all the players. No doubt it was the very best!
Mark Z., Black River Falls, WI, 02/24/2016
I heard about your product on a sports radio broadcast about 15 years ago. I've been enjoying your newsletters, guide, and review/preview every since. The guide is my Christmas present in April! Keep up the great work!
Geoffrey L., Williamston, MI, 11/01/2015
Thank you so much! I called to ask for a replacement copy of the Guide for my dad who is in the hospital. Someone took it from him while he was there, I needed expedited shipping so he would have it in time. You were so nice and accommodating. The fact that you sent it without payment for postage speaks volumes about the culture of your company. May your kindness be returned to you many times.
Jane R., Fort Lee, NJ, 05/01/2015
This the class of the I'm ready for the 2015 NFL Draft!
Jason G, Omaha, NE, 04/28/2015
Thank you for all the work the lads put into the Guide. It is the best resource for us Draft/NFL fans.
J.Scott, Cave Creek, AZ, 04/27/2015
I am looking forward to receiving my copy of your 2015 report. Ourlads' is truly my go-to source material for the draft. It is prominently on my desk as I watch the draft so I can determine if my favorite team is getting value with their pick and how that prospect fits with the team. I thank you for all your hard work in compiling this information and wish you good fortune in the future.
Nicholas, Philadelphia, PA, 04/24/2015
Between my wife, my girl friends and Ourlads' I am having a great retirement. Love the Newsletters, Draft Review and Fall Preview too! The Best!
Aaron, Scottsdale, AZ, 04/09/2015
I really like your guide and look forward to reading it and savoring the words every year.Can't wait.
Michael, Alameda,Calif, 04/08/2015
Thank you for entertaining my husband - he loves Ourlads!
Jana, St. Charles, MO, 03/30/2015
Longtime subscriber from Germany! Despite the internet, NFL Network, and/or other media, I am happy that you still keep grinding and doing the hard work - to produce the best draft magazine in the whole business. Thanks and best regards!
Matthias, Germany, 03/26/2015
Great guide - I can't tell you how much I love it. Par Excellence!
Mark, Boston, MA, 03/18/2015
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