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Monthly Newsletters

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Here is a sampling of topics from our October through March newsletters:

A Draft Retrospective
A look back at the 2004 NFL Draft (featured in our October newsletter).

Draft Winds
A monthly column of noteworthy opinions on players.

Who Owes Who What?
Detailing trades of high draft choices between teams.

List (by team)
List of players who will become part of the free agency system when their current contracts expire (generally featured in our November newsletter).

A Quantitative Analysis of the previous year's draft
Showing how the draft choices of each NFL team fared (signed with drafted team, signed with another team, on practice squad, waived, etc.) This is also generally a December feature.

Top Sixty-Four
Gives an early listing of the players who are leading candidates to be drafted in the first two rounds according to our preliminary analysis (generally in January).

All Star Game Practice Reviews
Reviews of the Weeklong Practices of the various All-Star games that we attend such as the Shrine Game, Cactus Bowl, Gridiron Classic, Hula Bowl, and Senior Bowl. (Normally featured in January and February).

Free Agent Ratings
Ratings of the Free Agents who are part of the free agency system by position (generally in March).

Mock Draft
Featured in March, gives our projections on the possible course of the draft.

Scouting 101
Monthly feature to give OURLADS' readers some insight into the draft process.

Many other features offered from October through March. (Note: Our April newsletter is not included in our monthly newsletter package, but is available at no additional charge with purchase of our Guide). The Guide is printed in late March or very early April in time for the draft. This thorough, eighty-page report features:

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Ourlads' Guide to the NFL Draft and Free Agency

The Guide is printed in late March or very early April in time for the draft. This thorough, eighty-page report features:

A Position Review
Sequenced by OURLADS' rating.

Over 900 players
Who we feel are the most likely draftable talents will be included from a database of over 5,000 players.

Descriptive Text
Expanded in recent years on over 275 players.

Index by OURLADS' Rating (value board)

Index by Name (including ratings)

Index by College/University (including ratings)

Team Needs / Depth Charts
A page for each NFL team describing Team Needs and providing a supporting Depth Chart.

Round-by-Round Projection
(Mock Draft) of the entire draft.

Mock Draft
Featured in March, gives our projections on the possible course of the draft.

The Laddies
Presents Ourlads' Awards to draft eligible players in various categories by position, from the creme de la creme to free agent finds. (In some years, lack of space does not allow for inclusion of the Laddies in the Guide. But in this event, they will always be found in the April newsletter).

Our April newsletter is included, free of charge, with purchase of the Guide. It comes out shortly prior to the draft. In addition to the Laddies (when they do not appear in the Guide itself), you will find articles where some of our Lads are allowed to vent their feelings regarding players they found to be particular favorites or players who they feel are overrated, lacking something, or are otherwise disappointing.

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Review Issue

In the past, we put out a combined Review/Preview issue. A few years ago, we decided to publish separate Review and Preview editions. This was done to get the Review into the hands of our subscribers earlier while allowing for additional time to prepare our Preview Issue. The Review Issue is a thirty-six page booklet that includes:

A Round-by-Round Log of the year's NFL Draft

Team-by-Team Evaluations
With each team receiving grades from excellent to poor for the quality of its selections.

A Team-by-Team listing of draft choices

A Review of free agency

Post-draft/pre-camp Depth Charts

Touching on the draft, free agency, and other issues.

Passed-Over Talent and Free Agent Signings

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Preview Issue

The Preview Issue will come out in August prior to the start of the college football season. It is a six-page document that provides a Positional Look at the top college seniors of the coming year as a Preview to next year's NFL Draft.

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