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To our faithful subscribers - please note the various changes we are making this year.

1) We will be publishing our draft guide in April and our draft review in June. We did not do a preview but instead put snippets of some of the top players on our website.

2) We have not raised our prices since 2006 even though postage rates have gone up 12 times, printing costs continue to rise, and our guide has increased in size by 35% over the past 18 years. We can no longer absorb all of these costs and must pass them on to our subscribers.

3) We no longer have our toll-free 800 number. You can either order online or send a check/money order/credit card information to:

Ourlads' Scouting Services
4289 E. Cassia Lane
Gilbert, AZ 85298

4) We are using a new printing company and due to time constraints, we must have your guide order prior to March 18, 2023 - if we receive it after that date, we may not be able to fulfil your order as we will not be printing many extra copies. However, you can order a PDF version at any time. Tentative shipping date for the guide is April 10, 2023.

We realize that many people will not see the March 18th deadline until it has passed, so we will print extra guides. However, we still encourage you to order early so that you receive your guide before the draft!

5) With unpredictable mail service, we highly encourage you to order online rather than mailing in your payment. If you do want to send a check, please do it early. If you need to verify that we received it, just email us at

For orders by mail:
If paying by Check or Money Order (U.S. funds only), make payable to: Ourlads' Scouting Services.

All prices INCLUDE First Class U.S. Postage. If your address is not in the U.S., and you want expedited delivery, we offer an international option.

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