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Trey Adams, OT, Washington

Dave Syvertsen, Ourlads' Senior Draft Analyst
09/18/2020 1:48PM ET

While it is too early to come up with a hard, set-in-stone big board for 2019 NFL Draft, we can note the strengths of this draft class on a macro-level.  Perhaps one of the strongest position groups will reside in the trenches, the offensive tackles.  The past two drafts combined, just one tackle has been taken in the top 10 overall.  Just two in the top 15 overall.  For a position that is still very highly regarded when it comes to the economics of the NFL, those two drafts were very bare, thin tackle groups.  The 2019 class appears to be a collection of “Blue Goose” left tackles that will more than make up for it.  Let’s take a look at the top dog of this year’s crop, Washington’s Trey Adams.

The fourth year senior started nine games as a true freshman in 2015, missing the final two games with a shoulder injury.  He then caught fire and the national spotlight in 2016, starting every game while earning first-team All Pac 12 honors along with being named a second-team All American.  He was primed to finish as one of the top tackles in the nation as a junior, but his season was cut short after seven games due to a torn ACL. 

The first thing Adams will need to prove as a senior is that his lower body fluidity and core strength are both there.  The latter was not a standout attribute to his game and an offseason full of rehab could hinder the needed progression in that department.  A healthy, full 2018 will go a long way.  When Adams is right, he has the ideal blend of tenacity and grace on the outside.  He is very comfortable against speed and quickness.  He stays within himself, keeps his body under control, and rarely loses his center of gravity.  This is not common for a player who stands 6’8 and weighs in at 330+ pounds.  The name of the game is being able to handle the athleticism of pass rushers while at least holding your own against power defenders.  Adams will prove to be proficient in both and is heading towards a top 10, perhaps even top five, overall selection next spring.