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Top Fantasy Football Wide Receivers 2019

Jim Saranteas @thefantasygreek
09/12/2020 7:25PM ET

In fantasy football, wide receivers have become as dominant, if not more, than running backs in the past ten years because of the rise of points-per-reception (PPR) leagues. A more average wide receiver with less yards and less scores can be as productive as a wide receiver with more yards and more scores because of the number of receptions they haul in during a season. Players like Stefon Diggs and Jarvis Landry helped their fantasy football stock in that way.

Also, there is a ton of turnover. If you look at least season’s rankings, you will be surprised by how many names do not appear below or which players have moved up and which have moved down.

As most fantasy football leagues are twelve-team leagues, we’ll focus on the top twelve wide receivers, then rank the next best twelve and so on, until we reach wide receivers who’ll likely need an injury to become relevant outside of the bye weeks. Outside of the top thirty-six, there is no such thing as a sure thing with wide receivers this season.

The ranking below is for non-PPR fantasy football leagues. To the right of each player’s name, would be how they rank in PPR leagues (points-per-reception) IF different from their ranking in non-PPR leagues.

An asterisk to the right of a player’s name denotes an injury or off-the-field issue at the time of writing.

1. DeAndre Hopkins                        Texans

2. Julio Jones                       Falcons

3. Davante Adams               Packers

4. Michael Thomas (5)        Saints

5. Odell Beckham Jr. (6)     Browns

6. Keenan Allen (9)             Chargers

7. Mike Evans (8)                 Buccaneers

8. Tyreek Hill(7)                   Chiefs

9. JuJu Smith-Schuster(4)Steelers

10. T.Y. Hilton (15)               Colts

11. Amari Cooper (10)         Cowboys

12. Brandin Cooks (16)       Rams


The ‘cream of the crop’ of fantasy football wide receivers. These are players expected to haul in 1,300-plus yards receiving, with at least three expected to top 1,500 yards.  At least five will top 100 receptions on the season. DeAndre Hopkins is assuredly a top-five fantasy football draft pick in all formats and Julio Jones orDavante Adams will likely sneak into the top five in PPR leagues.


13. Stefon Diggs (12)          Vikings

14. Antonio Brown               Steelers

15. Julian Edelman(11)     Patriots

16. Adam Thielen (13)        Vikings

17. Robert Woods                Rams

18. Tyler Lockett (20)           Seahawks

19. Kenny Golladay(19)     Lions

20. Cooper Kupp (18)          Rams

21. Chris Godwin (21)         Buccaneers

22. Calvin Ridley                 Falcons

23. A.J. Green*                     Bengals

24. Tyler Boyd                       Bengals


A few of the above players are no stranger to the fantasy football wide receiver rankings. Stefon Diggs, Adam Thielen, and Julian Edelman look like sure bets to finish at least in this second tier. The rest are in good situations and have the talent to finish this high. A.J. Green is expected to miss half the season. So, depending on your risk aversion, he could fall down the rankings further.


25. DJ Moore (26)                Panthers

26. Christian Kirk (25)         Cardinals

27. Mike Williams (32)         Chargers

28. Robby Anderson           Jets

29. Allen Robinson             Bears

30. Alshon Jeffery               Eagles

31. Dede Westbrook (27)    Jaguars

32. Will Fuller V (34)            Texans

33. Curtis Samuel                Panthers

34. Sterling Shepard (31)   Giants

35. Sammy Watkins             Chiefs

36. Marvin Jones (38)         Lions


Here are potential breakthrough fantasy football wide receivers. Among this group, DJ Moore and Dede Westbrook are intriguing. On the rest, they are players who will likely have good weeks but be held back by other great wide receivers on their team.


Among this group, be cautious of Alshon Jeffery. He’s been notorious for missing games due to soft tissue injuries.


37. Corey Davis                    Titans

38. Dante Pettis (37)            49ers

39. Tyrell Williams                Raiders

40. Jarvis Landry (36)          Browns

41. M. Valdes-Scandling (42) Packers

42. Donte Moncrief (41)      Steelers

43. DeSean Jackson (40)   Eagles

44. John Brown (43)            Bills

45. Courtland Sutton (44)           Broncos

46. Larry Fitzgerald (41)      Cardinals

47. Geronimo Allison (45)  Packers

48. Anthony Miller (46)       Bears


In this fantasy football group, various issues surround the wide receivers which include quarterback talent (John Brown) or other good wide receivers on the roster (Chris Sutton).


49. Kenny Stills                    Dolphins

50. Devin Funchess            (48)     Colts

51. Emmanuel Sanders(47) Broncos

52. Michael Gallup (53)      Cowboys

53. M. Boykin (54)                Ravens

54. J. Washington (55)        Steelers

55. A. Wilson            (50)                Dolphins

56. Golden Tate (52)            Giants

57. D. Hamilton (51)                        Broncos

58. N. Harry   (56)                 Patriots

59. Josh Gordon (60)          Patriots

60. Mohamed Sanu(59)     Falcons


These are fantasy football wide receivers with a lot of talent expected to have the occasional breakout game. Michael Gallup is a great late round pick as he is ostensibly the Cowboys second receiving option behind Amari Cooper.  


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