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Akrum Wadley, RB, Iowa

Dave Syvertsen, Ourlads' Senior Draft Analyst
08/10/2018 4:01PM ET

The amount of teams in the league that used a running back by committee approach grows each and every year.  This has increased the value of power and space backs alike.  The running back position is as available to an offense as it has ever been and the specialty backs like fifth year senior Akrum Wadley are no longer seen as accessories, but necessities.

What He Does Well:

Incredible foot speed and hip swivel.  Loose lower body allows him to stutter step his way out of contact by potential tacklers with ease.  Very good balance and agility in tight spaces, able to adjust his weight on the fly and slip into small creases and lanes.  Reaches his top speed in a blink, excellent acceleration. 

Where He Needs Work:

Has had ball security issues and shows inconsistent hands as a receiver.  Concentration lapses are too often.  Won’t always fall forward and doesn’t fight through contact between the tackles.  Too easily tackled when a defender squares him up.  Needs more leg drive and power.