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2024 Draft Preview - Centers

Dave Syvertsen
01/26/2024 3:47PM ET

1.  Frazier, Zach 

West Virginia   6025   310

Four-year starter, Fairmont, WV. Three-time All Big 12, first team in 2022. Former guard that transitioned to center full time in 2021.  A four-time state champion wrestler in high school with multiple West Virginia team awards for strength and conditioning work. Rock-hard, squatty frame that can move with all the subtleties to gain positional and angle advantages. Accelerates in a hurry and brings his power on the move. Leverage wins come easy to him. Highly experienced shot caller in the middle that can direct traffic and communicate well. Will not get his hands on fast enough at times and lack of length alone will hinder his upside.


2.  Van Pran, Sedrick

Georgia   6040   315

Three-year starter, New Orleans, LA. All-SEC in 2022. Oversized frame for the position that plays hard to get around or through. Strong anchor. Absorbs contacts and will keep his center of balance against the bull rush. Does damage with his hands. Sends the jolt to a man over the ball post-snap and works his hips into the hole. Will keep his hands on while he re-locates his feet. Smart and experienced with evolving and improving techniques. Has become more consistent with each season. Still gets top heavy and will go for the all-or-nothing blow with his hands, leading to a loss of balance and control upon engagement.


3.  Bortolini, Tanor* 

Wisconsin   6037   306


Three-year starter, Kewaunee, WI. All-Big 10 honoree. Versatile and experienced player that has played every spot on the line besides left tackle. Started and ending career in the middle. Rapid fire footwork and good body control as he climbs to the second level. Gives a solid thud at the point of attack on combo blocks before he quickly peels off to the linebacker. Slides his feet in pass protection and shows the ability to anchor. Gets and keeps his hands inside. Tough to fool. Smart, heady player that will keep eyes active and on a swivel. Needs to clean up his hand techniques and counters to complex rush moves, gets caught out of position and has a hard time recovering.


4.  Cox, Eli* 

Kentucky   6042   309

Three-year starter, Nicholasville, KY.  Former guard that will give a team options along the interior. Body type and play style are both versatile enough to play either spot. Excellent set up post snap with easy knee bend and heavy hands that are ready to pounce. Keep the elbows in and down, maximizing inside hands that show tremendous grip strength. Balance and control are there to stay square to quick lateral movers. Rarely found oversetting. Efficient path to his target. Does not waste any time or energy getting to his target. Does not have the explosive trait in his game and it will lead to initial losses at times.


5.  Limmer, Beaux 

Arkansas   6042   303

Three-year starter, Tyler, TX. Majority of career has been at guard. Credibly projects to either spot at the next level. A fighter that gets the most out of himself. True hustler, leader type that can get through the whistle finding work consistently. Feisty hands and feet with good natural power and strength. Shows the range to be a factor on outside runs and as a lead blocker in space. Will need to clean up pass protection habits and techniques.


6.  McMahon, Dylan* 

North Carolina State   6031   295


7.  Turner III, Charles 

LSU    6031   293


8.   Eguakun, Kingsley

Florida   6033   298


9.  Nugent, Drake

Michigan   60100   300


10. Lee, Matt

Miami   6032   300


11.  Putnam, Will

Clemson   6042   304


12. Raym, Andrew 

Oklahoma   6040   315


13.  Simpkins III, Torricelli

North Carolina Central   6042   317


14.  McLaughlin, Seth

Alabama   6035   301


15.  Staats, Rusty 

Texas Tech   6036   323


16.  Monk, Jacob

Duke   6027   321


17.  Haynesworth, Sincere 

Tulane   6007   313


18.  Gaynor, Corey

North Carolina   6031   306


19.  Scott, Ben 

Nebraska   6043   310


20.  Jurgens, Michael

Wake Forest   6043   304


*Denoted underclassman